Because it was the 1st of December, Romania`s Day, I had a few more free days, so me and my boyfriend decided to go on a little trip to Rome. We stayed at a hotel next to the Vatican City, so it was the first thing we had visited in the morning and we were amazed! The Vatican Museums and St. Peter`s Basilica are definetely worth to be seen.


After three hours of visiting the Vatican, we went further to the Castel Sant`Angelo where we just took some pictures and continued our way to the Pantheon, than the Vittorio Emanuele II, which was such a big building made by Mussolini we could see all the city, and last but not least, the Colosseum. We`d heard that the Colosseum is very beautiful seen at night, but unfortunately when we arrived it was closed, so we took some pictures and decided to go see the Fontana di Trevi, which I also reccomend you to see in the night, when the lights are on.

On the second day we went first to see the Colosseum because there were a lot of people staying in queues that we couldn`t risk not seeing it again. Then we found out that the ticket we`d bought for the Colosseum was valid for the Roman Forum too, so we went to see it.

All in all, Rome is an amazing city and I will go there again with any occasion. So, if you want to go on a trip and don`t know where, try Rome!

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