RO: Luna septembrie este asociata cu inceperea scolii si chiar daca am devenit studenta, eu sunt inca in spiritul ei. De cand eram mica, mama obisnuia ca la inceputul lunii sa ma duca la cumparaturi de haine si rechizite , insa hainele nu aveam voie sa le port decat incepand cu prima zi de scoala. Eram foarte entuziasmata sa imi fac curat in birou si sa imi asez noile lucruri. Hainele noi le pastram frumos impaturite in dulap si le priveam in fiecare zi cu nerabdare sa le pot purta. Cu toate acestea, eu inca pastrez jumatate din traditia cu care am fost obisnuita, shopping-ul de sezon. Totusi, shopping-ul in septembrie, inainte de inceperea scolii, inca imi starneste un sentiment aparte si imi aminteste de copilarie.


Sunt sigura ca imi va lipsi liceul, pauzele in care muzica rasuna si radeam cu colegii mei mereu. Chiar daca se suna pentru intrarea in clase, noi stateam pana cand vedeam profesorul ca vine si atunci toti o luam la fuga si ne inghesuiam pe usa. Nu voiam sa acceptam faptul ca pauza era gata si trebuia sa revenim la scris si invatat.


Planuiam cu Sabrina sa facem niste “Back to school photos” si nu a trebuit sa stam prea mult pe ganduri ca prima locatie care ne-a venit in minte a fost bineinteles liceul. A doua zi am mers acolo, in locul care mi-a starnit atatea amintiri inca de la primul pas facut pe poarta si am intrat repede in spiritul scolii din nou. Mereu mi-a placut sa aleg tinute lejere pentru scoala, mai ales datorita faptului ca nu sunt adepta diminetilor. Alarma mea suna de cel putin 5 ori, iar daca asta nu functioneaza, o am si pe mama care se asigura mereu ca nu mai apas butonul de amanare si ma ridic intr-un final din pat. Blugii, tricoul si conversii alcatuiesc outfit-ul perfect pentru scoala, in special daca esti o persoana lenesa ca si mine caruia nu ii plac diminetile, dar cui ii plac?


EN:  September is associated with school beginning and even if I became a student, I`m still in its spirit. Since I was little, my mom used to take me shopping at the beginning of the month, but I was allowed to wear those clothes only when the school starts. I was very excited to clean my desk and put away my new things. I kept my new clothes packed in the closet and I used to watch them every day with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I still keep half of the tradition I was raised with, the seasonal shopping. Although, the “back to school shopping”  still reminds me of my childhood.

I know that I`ll miss highschool, mostly the sound of the music that used to lighten the mood in the schoolyard. Even when the bell rang announcing the end of the break, we used to stay until we saw the teacher coming to drag us back into the classroom.

 I was planning with Sabrina to do some “Back to school photos”, and, after not too many thoughts on this subject, we decided to pick, as the first location, our highschool. The next day we went there, to the place that brought back so many memories the moment I stepped through the gate and we very quickly remembered of our school days. I’ve always enjoyed wearing casual outfits for school, especially because of me not being a morning person. My alarm was ringing at least 5 times, and if that wasn’t enough, I still had my mother to make sure that I wasn’t pressing the snooze button and that I would eventually get up from bed. Jeans, t-shirts and converse are always the perfect outfit for school, especially if you are a lazy person like me who hates mornings, but who does?



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